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GOP Blocks McConnell From Calling Impeachment Witnesses Trump Wants For Senate Trial: Report



GOP Blocks McConnell From Calling Impeachment Witnesses Trump Wants For Senate Trial: Report

The New York Times reported on Sunday that some members of the Republican Party have become skeptical over the appropriateness of calling some of the witnesses Donald Trump — and a few of his House Republican enablers — want to appear.

As the Times notes, “While Democrats who control the House are focused on a swift impeachment vote by year’s end, the White House is almost entirely consumed by the trial that would follow in the Republican-controlled Senate, where Mr. Trump’s team believes he would have the chance to defend himself and where Democrats would almost certainly fall short of the two-thirds vote they would need to remove him from office.”

But there are Republicans who are not on the same page as the White House. According to the report, some Republicans are balking on voting for some witnesses to appear despite the GOP majority.

That, in turn, takes one of Trump’s defenses out of the hands of McConnell.

According to the Times, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) admitted that not all Republicans are on the same page.

“At a meeting with senior White House officials and senators in the Roosevelt Room of the White House almost three weeks ago, Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, made clear that there are not enough Senate votes to approve some of the edgier witnesses that Democrats and Republicans want to call,” the report states. “While he mentioned no names, it was interpreted by those in the room to refer to people like Hunter Biden, the son of the former vice president, whom Mr. Trump pushed Ukraine to investigate.”

You can read the entire report HERE.

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