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GOP Candidate Loses His Mind After School Is Named After President Obama Over Confederate General

The Republican Party’s Virginia nominee for Senate is having a meltdown over the decision to rename a Richmond elementary school after former President Obama.

The candidate, Corey Stewart has long courted controversy with his ardent support of Confederate monuments. During a Monday morning interview with Hill.TV’s “Rising,” Stewart said the school erred by removing the name of a Confederate general in favor of Obama’s.

“I’m not opposed to somebody naming a school after a president of the United States, in this case Barack Obama, even though I don’t like Barack Obama,” Stewart told The Hill.

“If a school district wants to name their school after Barack Obama, that’s fine. But don’t take the name of a historic figure off a school. That is political correctness run amuck.”

Stewart narrowly won his primary in June and is moving ahead on his underdog bid to topple Sen. Tim Kaine (R-Va.)

Earlier this month, the Richmond Public School Board decided to change the name of J.E.B. Stuart Elementary School. Stuart died in Richmond and held command over soldiers in key Civil War battles like Gettysburg and Chancellorsville.

as noted by The Hill, the school had been the only one in the district with a Confederate name, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which added that the school’s student population is more than 90 percent black.

President Trump endorsed him after his primary victory, calling him a superior alternative to Kaine. Stewart’s team is hopeful his loyalty to Trump, and the president’s nod, will help motivate Republicans to turn out in November.

But his defense of Confederate monuments, and other controversies, has prompted many Republicans in Washington to keep their distance. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has not endorsed his candidacy and the Republican National Committee has not commented on whether it will spend money to boost him.

Other GOP leaders are more skeptical and fear Stewart’s penchant for controversy could drag down the entire ticket in the state, possibly jeopardizing key House races.

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