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GOP Candidate Loses Supporters After Claiming ‘God Is Racist’: ‘What’s Wrong With Being A White Supremacist?’

On Tuesday, the North Carolina Republican Party withdrew their support for candidate Russell Walker who was running for State House District 48.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Walker was linked to a website that was filled with racist slurs, one even claiming that ‘God is racist.”

Some of the slurs included:

“God made the races and he is the greatest racist ever.”

“What is wrong with being a white supremacist?”

“The Jews are not Semitic, they are Satanic as they all descend from Satan.”

It’s yet unclear if Walker actually owns the website, but it was discovered that he published several racist articles on the site.

“Based on recent behavior and previous statements, the North Carolina Republican Party is unable and unwilling to support the Republican nominated candidate for North Carolina House District 48,” GOP chairman Robin Hayes said in a statement Tuesday. “The NCGOP along with our local parties in Hoke, Scotland and Robeson Counties will be spending our time and resources supporting Republican candidates that better reflect the values of our party.”

Walker, who is set to face Democrat Garland Pierce in November, says he isn’t backing down despite the major backlash he received for promoting racism.

According to the Observer, Walker had sued oke County News-Journal newspaper for refusing to publish his articles.

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