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GOP Candidate Who Attacked Women Just Disturbingly Praised Kellyanne Conway


GOP Candidate Who Attacked Women Just Disturbingly Praised Kellyanne Conway

Republican Senate candidate Courtland Sykes was heavily criticized when he expressed his views on women’s rights. On Friday the GOP candidate faced backlash on a local radio interview when he struggled to explain his views on women’s rights.

On Friday, during an interview with KTRS radio host McGraw Milhaven, Sykes said he wanted to “uphold traditional family values” by forcing his girlfriend to have dinner ready for him by 6 p.m. every night.

“We want to uphold this traditional family, these values, and what you’re seeing from the left… they absolutely want to reach in and tell everybody how they should live their lives,” he explained.

Sykes went on to add that there has been a “war on men in this country for years” waged by “radical feminists.”

That’s when Sykes went on to praise Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

“I think the best model of feminism today is Kellyanne Conway, for example,” Sykes said. “Here is a woman who has kids, she fixes them breakfast before work, and she goes to work, and she’s very successful. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, same thing. And Ivanka Trump, she’s a great model for women.”

Later in the interview, Milhaven asked Sykes to define what radical feminism was.

“Well, I would say that it is largely this movement that we’re seeing, we’re seeing all these women protest with their vulgar signs,” he replied after a pause, “and I don’t want to repeat any of it over the air to all of your listeners, but I mean we are talking about incredibly [inaudible] women who absolutely hate men.”

You can listen to the interview in the video clip below:

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