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GOP Candidate Who Called Diversity ‘Un-American’ Says Blacks Suffer More With Welfare Than 230 Years Of Slavery

Just when you think someone couldn’t be more racist they do something worse. This was the case for New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional district candidate Seth Grossman, who made inflammatory statements about black Americans and Muslims, according to Media Matters.

Media Matters dug up an old Facebook post of the Republican candidate.

Grossman, who was caught on camera calling diversity “un-American,” had also once written that welfare programs had done more harm to black Americans that the 230 years of slavery they were put through.

If that wasn’t bad enough, he went on to claim that White Americans were not responsible for slavery at all.

“Blacks were not enslaved by whites,” he wrote in a 2017 Facebook post. “They were enslaved by other blacks and then sold to whites… I do know of many Africans who wish their ancestors had been taken to America as slaves.”

But Grossman did not stop there. He has a history of also attacking Muslims. He once wrote that “Islam has nothing in common with other modern world religions like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism” and that Islam is a “cancer” that has “already infected a billion people.”

Media Matters went even further and dug up a 2015 Facebook post that Grossman wrote attacking Muslims. He said that the U.S. is “at war with Islam” and asked, “Why are we inviting thousands of Muslim immigrants to our towns and neighborhoods?”

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