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GOP Candidate Who Was Accused Of Sexual Assault Says He Was The Victim, ‘Just Like Brett Kavanaugh’


Cory Green, an Army Reserve and Navy veteran and private security officer running for Utah’s 1st Congressional District, was charged with forcible sexual abuse in 2010 after purchasing two teenage masseuses and paying them for sex.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Green now claims he was the victim of the assault because one of the girls lied about her age. He went on to compare himself to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“I was victimized in this instance, just like Brett Kavanaugh has been victimized,” said Green. “The only difference is I didn’t have a lot of money to continue playing the game.”

Green ultimately pleaded guilty to the offense, claiming: “I ended up taking the plea deal because that was the best option I was given, being backed into a corner by the prosecutor in Davis County.”

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