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GOP Congressman Just Attacked Medicaid Patients: ‘These People Do Not Understand Capitalism’

Florida GOP Congressman Francis Rooney made an appearance on MSNBC on Monday where he backed Republican’s plan to strip hundreds of thousands of people from receiving Medicaid just so the richest people in America can get huge tax cuts.

MSNBC host Chris Jansing called out Francis and stated the facts. “Those that would be hurt the most are those who would, in fact, be those who have the most difficulty: the poor, the elderly, the people most in need of the help that Obamacare provides.”

But, Rooney thinks otherwise, saying that those who are currently on Medicaid should expect “favorable outcomes” under the GOP’s healthcare plan.

Rooney went on to deny the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), who determined that millions would lose health insurance under the Republicans’ plan.

“The voodoo economics of the CBO score was faulty the first time around,” he insisted. “It assumes that nobody will buy insurance unless they are mandated to by a statist system like Obamacare. It doesn’t give any credit for behavioral modification and incentive through the tax credit.”

And yet again, Jansing called out the Congressman, saying experts have said that the GOP’s plan “is a bill that makes sure the wealthy get tax cuts.”

“The savings, a lot of it is expect to go in this bill toward tax cuts,” she observed. “Seven million dollars a year in the tax cut — a year — that each of the 400 wealthiest families in America we get as a result of this. That’s okay with you as people are losing their coverage?”

But, Rooney then again disagreed with the MSNBC host, saying, “I happen to think that tax cuts stimulate investments, which is what this tax cut is. Obama put in a tax on investments, cutting those taxes are very important to stimulate investments and job creation.”

“Sometimes these people don’t understand how capitalism works,” the Congressman opined about people on Medicaid. “You incentivize investment, people deploy capital, create jobs, build companies and put more people to work so they can afford all these things and not have to be on Medicaid.”

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