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GOP Kentucky Gov. Bevin Tried To ‘Overturn The Election Results’ After Losing To Dem Challenger, His Own Party Calls Him Out


Republicans in Kentucky are growing impatient with Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, who has been trying to fight Tuesday night’s election results after losing to his Democratic challenger.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky Republicans are urging Bevin to stop attempting to “overturn the election results.”

“The best thing to do, the right thing to do, is for Governor Bevin to concede the election today so we can move on,” Rep. Jason Nemes, (R-Louisville) said.

“If there is evidence of fraud or illegalities, as was alluded to last night, Governor Bevin should state his claim immediately and let the evidence be reviewed. But this is not an opportunity for a fishing expedition or a chance to overturn the election result,” Nemes added in a Facebook post.

Also speaking out was Rep. John Blanton (R-Salyersville), who said that there was no hard evidence to back up rumors of election problems.

“The last thing anyone wants to do is overturn a constitutional election,” Blanton said. “We want the will of the people to be done.”

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