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GOP Lawmaker Flees When Asked If Foreign Election Interference Is Illegal

On Wednesday, Republican Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA) was asked if she believes foreign interference in U.S. elections is illegal. It’s a simple question that anyone would be able to answer in a heart bit… unless they are Republican.

A video posted by the progressive public policy advocacy group MoveOn shows the Washington Republicans being approached by a reporter who asks her, “Do you think it’s OK for the president to pressure foreign governments to interfere in our elections?”

Rep. McMorris Rodgers’ answer?

“Excuse me, real quick.”

She walks away ignoring the question.

The reporter is undeterred.

“Do you think that’s an acceptable ask?” he continues. “For the president to not put pressure on foreign governments? Congresswoman? Congresswoman, do you think it’s acceptable for the president to put pressure on foreign governments to interfere in our elections? Congresswoman?”

The Congresswoman walks down the hall, heads for a staircase, goes down a flight of stairs, starts to head down a second when she turns around, exits the stairwell, and heads for an elevator.

All the while the reporter repeats the question over and over.

McMorris Rodgers gets in a “Members Only” elevator where reporters are not allowed.

It is, in fact, illegal for a president to pressure foreign governments to interfere in U.S. elections.

It was a simple question, one no American should have any trouble answering. It’s not a “gotcha” question. Yet Rep. McMorris Rodgers could not even offer a simple yes or no.


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