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GOP Lawmaker Just Compared Secret Meetings With Russia To Bumping Into Someone At The Grocery Store

Republican Sen. James Risch said during Jeff Sessions’ testimony that having secret meetings with Russia is the same thing as bumping into someone you know at the grocery store.

This is another attempt from a Republican to minimize the Russia scandal.

Risch said during the testimony:

“Senators up here who are on either Foreign Relations, Intelligence, or Armed Services, conversations with officers of other governments, ambassadors or what have you are everyday occurrences here, multiple time occurrences for most of us. Is that a fair statement?” Sessions answered, “I think it is.” And indeed, if you run into one in the grocery store, you’re going to have a conversation with them.”

The comparison is no where close to being a fair one. The Trump campaign has been accused of having secret meetings with Russia officials and not disclosing those meetings, not bumping into someone at the grocery store.

The fact that someone would make that comparison is ridiculous.

Sessions himself failed to disclose meetings with Russia during his confirmation hearing, which is a crime.

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