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GOP Lawmaker Rants At Students, Threatens To Call Police If They Ever Return. Watch:


GOP Lawmaker Rants At Students, Threatens To Call Police If They Ever Return. Watch:

A Republican congressman has come under fire after he abruptly canceled a meeting with students and threatened to call law enforcement if they ever return.

Idaho State Sen. Dan Foreman has been labeled a “bully” after ranting at college students who traveled hundreds of miles to discuss a birth control bill with lawmakers on Monday.

The students, who traveled from their college campus to Boise to meet with Foreman and other lawmakers, were in the Capitol to lobby for two bills ― one that allows women to receive up to a 12-month supply of prescribed birth control, and another that updates the state’s decades-old sex education law, reported the Idaho Statesman.

The student group had scheduled a morning meeting with Foreman, but the senator reportedly canceled at the last minute. The students say they left a note at his office before moving on to meet with other lawmakers.

Foreman was slapped with an ethics complaint for an incendiary follow-up tweet sent from an account allegedly associated with him.

Foreman’s diatribe was “unhinged,” said Paul Dillon, public affairs director of Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho, which is affiliated with the student group. “Even if you disagree with what we have to say, there’s no excuse for that kind behavior. He was being a bully,” Dillon told AP.

“We drove 7 hours to make it to our SCHEDULED 9 a.m. meeting,” the message read, noting that the lawmaker was “not doing [his] job” by blowing them off.

“I’m a Roman Catholic and a conservative Republican. I think what you guys are doing stinks,” Foreman told the group, according to the video. He added that he would call law enforcement if the students ever tried to visit his office again.

The tense exchange between Foreman and about a dozen University of Idaho students was captured on camera.

Video posted on social media shows Foreman forcefully pointing his finger and belligerently saying “abortion is murder” to the students, who say they didn’t come to discuss abortion at all.

Foreman later tweeted about the incident, telling the University of Idaho students to “stop harassing me and staff.” Another told them to talk about “killing babies” with Democratic Sen. Maryanne Jordan of Boise.

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