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GOP Lawmaker: Roy Moore’s Sexual Assault Isn’t Important Because He’ll ‘Vote Right’

Just when you thought Republican couldn’t get any lower, they sink below any sense of human decency. Despite a growing number of stunning revelations about GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, Republican Congressman Mo Brooks of Alabama says he still supports him and his reason is deeply disturbing.

According to Brooks, Moore’s history of sexual assault isn’t important because he’ll vote with Republicans on key issues, from the national debt to rolling back abortion rights.

“There are major issues facing the United States of America, deficit and debt that can lead to insolvency and bankruptcy, funding for national security, border security, abortion, an appointment of supreme court justices – Doug Jones will vote wrong on each of those issues, Roy Moore will vote right on each of those issues. That’s why I’m voting for Roy Moore,” Brooks said in a statement.

Brooks comments come after the Washington Post reported that Moore that initiated a sexual encounter when she was 14 and Moore was a 32-year-old assistant district attorney.

Four other women also said the Alabama Republican approached them around the same time, when they were between the ages of 16 and 18.

I think it’s safe to say that, in cases like this, partisanship must be set aside in order to maintain the integrity of the United States Senate. It matters very little how a potential lawmaker will vote on the national debt if they lack character and decency.

While Moore has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Multiple lawmakers have called for Moore to step aside following the reports, sending a message that the U.S. Senate doesn’t accept men who molest teenage girls just because they’ll cut taxes for the rich or support the construction of a border wall.

Unfortunately, Mo Brooks isn’t one of them.

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