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GOP Lawmaker Throws Trump Under The Bus After The President Welcomes Election Meddling

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) contradicted Donald Trump during a news conference Friday when he said that we should not undermine the FBI and we should inform them if a foreign government attempted to interfere in our elections.

“The simple answer is call the FBI and let them investigate it,” Cornyn said.

But shortly after, the Texas Senator claimed that “We don’t need to pass a law to do that.”

Speaking to reporters at the University of Texas at Austin after giving closing remarks for a youth conference, Cornyn made his position on the issue clear.

“For me,” Cornyn said, “if I knew that a foreign government was trying to influence an election, I would call the FBI.”

Cornyn’s comments come days after Trump told ABC News that not only would he accept foreign help, but he would not even inform the FBI if it happened.

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