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GOP Lawmaker Calls Out Trump: He’s Acting Like ‘He’s Not Innocent’


GOP Lawmaker Calls Out Trump: He’s Acting Like ‘He’s Not Innocent’

Appearing on CNN, Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) blasted Donald Trump on Thursday for “acting” like he’s not innocent. The Republican was speaking to CNN’s Kate Bolduan over his efforts to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from getting fired by the president.

Noting that Dent is the co-sponsor of a House bill to prevent Trump from firing Mueller, Bolduan asked if the president’s comments “change anything for you?”

“Well, look, the president should not fire Director Mueller, plain and simple,” Dent replied. “It would be terrible for the country, bad for the American people, and—candidly—it would be bad for the president himself. This would be an Archibald Cox moment, a so-called Saturday Night Massacre.”

Dent argued the move “would impact Republicans in the midterm elections in very negative ways.”

“There is no good reason for him to fire director Mueller,” Dent continued. “It would certainly have an impact on the rule of law, people’s confidence in our system of justice. So he needs to stop thinking about it.”

Dent added that if Trump “feels he’s innocent, he should act like he’s innocent.”

“You don’t think he’s acting that way now?” Bolduan asked.

Dent then reminded Bolduan about a March interview with Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), during which the Republican congressman instructed Trump’s then-attorney John Dowd, ‘If you have an innocent client … act like it.”

“I think Trey Gowdy said it pretty well not too long ago,” Dent said. “The reason we introduced the legislation, we have no expectation that this legislation would become law. It would require a presidential signature. We’re sending a message—sending a message to the president that there are a number of us in both parties who think firing Director Mueller would be a mistake.”

Take a look at the interview in the video clip below:

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