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GOP Lawmaker Who Called Women ‘Sluts’ Just Lost His Seat To A Woman


GOP Lawmaker Who Called Women ‘Sluts’ Just Lost His Seat To A Woman

Republican congressman Jason Lewis (Minnesota), who lamented the fact he could no longer call women “sluts,” has lost his re-election bid to a woman, CNN reports.

Lewis, who once lamented that he could no longer call women “sluts,” lost his seat to Democrat Angie Craig.

Craig’s victory over Lewis carries a particular poetic justice, given the fact that Lewis was a proud and open misogynist Republican, while Craig is a married lesbian Democrat.

In fact, Lewis has a long and well-documented history of misogyny, often expressing a callous contempt for women in society. In addition, Lewis has also made some controversial and deplorable comments concerning slavery.

As for lamenting the fact that he can no longer call women sluts, CNN reports:

When radio host Rush Limbaugh called women’s rights activists and then-graduate student Sandra Fluke “a slut” in February 2012, Lewis repeatedly expressed disbelief that people could no longer refer to women as sluts.

Indeed, the misogyny is strong in this Republican, and it is good news that he will no longer be serving in congress.

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