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GOP Lawmaker Who Sponsored Anti-Gay Legislation Loses Primary

In a humiliating defeat, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) the anti-gay religious extremist who announced he would retire from Congress at the end of this term to run for governor, lost the Republican gubernatorial primary Tuesday night. Now, he will not become a governor, and will not be a U.S. Congressman next year.

Labrador, a founding member of the uber-conservative House Freedom Caucus, claim to fame after sponsoring the federal “First Amendment Defense Act” (FDA).

FADA would have “protected” any person, group, organization, company, or corporation that claimed to have a sincerely held religious belief about LGBT people, same-sex couples, and marriage, from obeying laws designed to provide protection in those areas to LGBT people and other minorities.

But it didn’t end there. The legislation was so broad, if it had become law a pharmacist could refuse to provide contraception to a woman, on the basis of their personal religious or moral beliefs.

The bill never made it to the House floor.

In 2017 Labrador came under fire for telling constituents at a town hall, “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care.”

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