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Senate GOP Tried To Pressure The CBO To Alter Trumpcare Score And Make It Look Better


Senate GOP Tried To Pressure The CBO To Alter Trumpcare Score And Make It Look Better

Senate Republicans, upset that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office scored both the BCRA, their Trumpcare bill, and the House version, the ACHA, so poorly, have now resorted to trying to pressure the referees and rig the game.

The CBO’s initial score of the GOP’s healthcare bill found that 22 million more people would be left without health insurance over the next decade compared to under the present law.

It was a terrible number for GOP leaders, dealing a blow to their hopes of winning over centrist Republicans.

Now Republicans are pressuring the CBO to use a different benchmark for its next score, The Hill reports.

Such huge estimates of the number of people who would face physical, mental, and financial misery as a result of their legislation, has resulted in the loss of support from the less cruel and demented members of the Republican wing of the august legislative body.

So rather than come up with a bill that would actually provide the cheaper, better coverage that was promised by their lying Con-mander-In-Chief during his campaign, they are now pressuring the CBO to change the benchmarks that they use to make their calculations of how many people will lose their coverage under their newly revised plan.

Republican senators grilled CBO Director Keith Hall over the issue when he spoke to the GOP conference on Tuesday, the day after it issued its damning report.

Aside from preventing the comparison of apples to apples, the move would most likely be an easy (and they hope, politically painless) way to make the revised bill look much better than its predecessor in terms of healthcare disenfranchisement.

Their efforts to influence the scorekeepers are complicated, however, by the arcane Senate rules of the process that they have used to push the bill as far as they have. Any complete repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, would require a 2/3rds majority in the Senate to pass, an impossibility given the universal Democratic opposition to the proposal.

In order to pass their cruel legislation, Republicans have chosen to use the budget reconciliation process, a move that bars the use of the filibuster and allows a bill to pass with a simple majority of votes.

They want the CBO to use newer statistics that would make it look like the new bill denies coverage to as many as 6 million fewer people before even analyzing what effect the latest changes would have. They hope to win votes from moderate Republicans who will look at a figure of only 16 million people set to lose insurance and say “gee, that’s certainly worth it if I can manage to cut taxes drastically on multi-millionaires!”

This attempt at fixing the game in their favor is just another deceptive attempt at robbing the poor to give the greedy rich an even bigger slice of the pie.

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