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GOP Leader Wants To Reject New Stimulus Bill Because It Would Fund Vote-By-Mail: ‘There’s No Need For It’

Republicans are doing everything they can to get people away from the polls. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) latest move proves that to be true.

According to CNN’s Manu Raju, McCarthy is opposing the vote-by-mail provisions in the bill, which allocates $2 billion for election assistance for those who can’t get to the polls.

“There’s not a need for it now,” McCarthy said.

According to Raju, McCarthy told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): “I’m not holding a bill up because you want to” impact the election.

What it comes down to it’s simple, Republicans want you to risk your life and get in lines to vote. While Democrats, on the other hand, want you to stay safe at home and be able to vote by mail.

Wisconsin is e perfect example of that. The election in Wisconsin this week was a disaster, with absurdly long lines and people horrified that if they went to vote they could get coronavirus.

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