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GOP Mayor In Crucial Swing Michigan County Dumps Trump, Backs Biden


GOP Mayor In Crucial Swing Michigan County Dumps Trump, Backs Biden

Historically, the race for president has always seemed to lie down in the hands of swing-state voters and one of those states is Michigan – a state that was won by former President Barack Obama twice but was won by Donald Trump in 2016.

If we dig deeper, one of the most crucial counties in the state is Macomb County and according to the Chicago Tribune, Sterling Heights’ Republican Mayor Michael Taylor has publicly expressed his support for presidential candidate Joe Biden.

He even plans on voting for Biden on Tuesday.

“I think Joe Biden is the candidate who can unify all of the Democrats, and he’s the candidate who can appeal to moderates and Republicans like me who don’t want to see four more years of President Trump,” he said.

This comes as a surprise because according to the Tribune:

“In college, he took pleasure in drawing the wrath of liberal students while writing a conservative column for his campus newspaper. He later became a tea party darling in his Detroit suburb for fighting a local tax increase during the height of the Great Recession. And in 2016, he dutifully cast his ballot for Republican Donald Trump.”

As the Tribune suggests:

“If Democrats are to win the White House in November, political strategists widely agree a big part of the strategy will be reclaiming areas such as Macomb in the crucial swing states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania while holding their ground in Minnesota, another state Trump nearly won four years ago.”

You can read more on the report HERE.

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