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GOP Official Busted For Conspiring With Girlfriend To Drug And Sexually Assault Woman: Report

A new report revealed this week that former GOP official, 44-year-old Lawrence Jay Weinstein, and his girlfriend conspired together to get a woman drunk and take nude photographs once she was passed out.

According to The Patch, police obtained text messages between Weinstein and his girlfriend where they plotted how to spike a woman’s wine with hard alcohol, before getting her back to his home, where he’d installed a webcam.

“Don’t let her go to the bathroom until she gets back to your place,” Weinstein said in one of the messages.

“Keep sober so you can make it happen and aren’t too drunk to win,” he texted her while she was at a restaurant with the victim.

According to the report, the woman told investigators that the wine “didn’t taste right.” The woman eventually passed out in the bathroom and Weinstein instructed his girlfriend to “Get her naked and get [sic] door open.”

But it didn’t stop with the pictures, police also obtained a video of Weinstein sexually assaulting the unconscious woman.

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