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GOP Officials Are Scared Trump Is ‘Totally Delusional’ To How Badly Republicans Will Do In The Midterms

On Sunday, CNN correspondent Maeve Reston claimed that Republican officials are growing worried that Donald Trump is oblivious to how badly the GOP will do in the upcoming midterm elections.

Reston noted that Trump has recently been tweeting that Republican candidates have the upper hand and that a “red wave is coming” despite experts pointing to a majority Democratic win in November.

“President Trump has been putting out a lot of optimistic tweets about the midterm elections but there is a real concern among Republican operatives and donors he is totally delusional about the chances of taking back the House,” Reston explained.

She then pointed out how now on in Trump’s circle is willing to tell the truth.

“He’s not focused enough on what he needs to do to keep control of the House,” she continued. “That is, in part, because there are not a lot of people around him not willing to tell him the truth. So they are trying to get him moving in the right direction on that.”

“The president doesn’t like tough news, is what you’re trying to say?” host John King asked.

“Yeah,” Reston answered.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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