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GOP Plunges Into Chaos As Trump Descends Into Epic Meltdown

The GOP appears to be spiraling out of control with an unhinged Donald Trump at the helm. The Republican nominee is ripping the Republican Party apart, showing the entire world he’s not going to go quietly as he unloads on the party, taking it down with him into complete destruction.

Trump unleashed a Twitter meltdown on Tuesday and his venom was directed at his own party, calling Republicans a bunch of disloyal losers who don’t know how to win.


If what we saw during the debate was the restrained version of Trump, the country is going to be in for a very rough final four weeks of the election, because Donald Trump is hell bent on burning everything he touches to the ground on his way out the door.

As part of his ongoing real-time implosion, TRUMP tweeted his rage at the GOP:


Karma never fails. Republicans knew that Trump was capable of this behavior, so they are getting exactly what they deserve.

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