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Republicans’ Reason For Halting Russia Probe Is Whacked Out Even For Them

In another blatant effort to protect Donald Trump from further legal problems, incoming House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) showed up on Fox News Monday to try to wave off the incoming Democratic congressional majority from launching investigations into President Donald Trump next year.

McCarthy said that he and his colleagues have already done such a thorough job looking into the president’s scandals that no further scrutiny is needed.

“I think America is too great of a nation to have such a small agenda,” he told Fox News host Bill Hemmer, “I think there are other problems out there that we should be focused on… we’ve investigated this for a long time, both sides have come up with nothing.”

Even though McCarthy insists that Democrats have “investigated” Trump, their lack of a majority in the House for the past two years prevented them from doing more thorough probes.

For example, Congressional Democrats have said that they plan to unmask the blocked telephone number that records show Trump Jr. called during the time he was arranging the meeting with Russian officials. Given that President Trump reportedly uses a blocked cell phone number, Democrats could prove that Trump Jr. lied under oath if they found that he called his father in the middle of setting up the meeting.

Sources close to the White House have told Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman that they expect Donald Trump Jr. could be indicted for lying about his father’s knowledge of the meeting as soon as this week.

As Mueller gears up for a major move, however, Don Jr. decided to take a “pre-scheduled” hunting trip to Canada.


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