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GOP Sen Calls Out Trump For Messing With People’s Lives With Gov Shutdown

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who has been against Donald Trump’s policies in the past, called out the president on Friday after he finally decided to reopen the government.

“This never should have happened. … There’s never a good reason to have a government shutdown in the first place,” Murkowski said. “We’ve demonstrated that we can do it, but it sure isn’t something that should be done.”

Trump finally opened up the government on Friday without getting funds for his proposed border wall. But he announced that it would only be opened for three weeks and threatened to close it again.

Murkowski added that workers impacted by the shutdown are saying “for Heaven’s sake, Congress, make sure you don’t put us through this again and count me in that camp.”

“I don’t want them thinking: am I only going to be able to breathe now for three weeks? What happens after that? We owe it to not only our federal workers but we owe it to all America to take that anxiety out of this process,” she continued.

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