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Trump Just Got Screwed BIGLY: GOP Senator Accidentally Confirms Existence Of Evidence Of Collusion With Russia

Sen Tom Cotton

This was supposed to be a good week for Donald Trump. On Tuesday, facing a room full of nervous Republicans and skeptical Democrats, the erratic president managed to read a speech before Congress without screwing it up. His performance was so ‘normal’ that he was praised by the media. Then everything went downhill.

First Attorney General Jeff Sessions found himself under fire and forced to recuse himself from any Russian-related investigation over his own allege contacts with Russian operatives during the elections.

Trump was so furious that he called his senior staff into the Oval Office and went ballistic. A video of the heated confrontation was leaked to the Media Sunday.

Then, in a desperate attempt to deflect media attention from the Russia scandal, Trump called an investigation into Nancy Pelosi’s and Chuck Schumer’s meeting with the Russian ambassador a decade ago, in front of reporters, during a public event at Capitol Hill.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Trump continued to dig himself into a deeper hole by accusing President Obama of “wiretapping his phone” during the elections, with no evidence.

And just when you though things couldn’t get any worse for Trump, they did.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) was asked on Fox News Sunday about the existence of transcripts confirming the Trump campaign’s communications with Russia. It didn’t go well.

During the interview, host Chris Wallace played a clip of Sen. Chris Coons (D-NE) saying that there are transcripts that provide critical insights into whether or not Russian intelligence and senior Russian political leaders, including Vladimir Putin were colluding with the Trump campaign to influence the outcome of our election. Then he pressed Cotton on Coons’ remarks:

CHRIS WALLACE: “As a member of the intelligence committee, sir, is that true?”

Tom Cotton’s answer revealed more than he intended.

“I would prefer not to discuss what transcripts may or may not be available because that would reveal what we do and do not know, and our capabilities of knowing those things. And I would just leave it at that,” Cotton replied.

Wallace tried to help Cotton clean up his answer with the follow-up question, but it was too late. The Senator from Arkansas answer that he wouldn’t talk about whether or not transcripts existed was an admission that transcripts do exist.

If transcripts didn’t exist, Republican defenders of the President, like Sen. Cotton, would be all over television decrying the claim that there are transcripts.

Even when Republicans and their friendly media outlets try to tamp out the Trump/Russia scandal, they always end up starting a new fire.

Watch the interview below (Cotton’s accidental admission comes at the at the 7:30 mark):

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