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GOP Senator Calls Out Trump For Praising Kim Jong Un: This ‘Surpasses Understanding’

Donald Trump’s praising of North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un is even baffling Republicans. On Tuesday Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) raised concerns after Trump decided to praise the North Korean leader.

“I am concerned by the language used by the president today when discussing the North Korean regime. To say that Kim Jong Un has been very open or very honorable, as the president did, surpasses understanding,” Flake said Tuesday.

Trump praised Kim during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, calling the North Korean leader a “very open” and “very honorable” person.

Flake fired back at Trump’s claims.

“We cannot pretend that Kim Jong Un of today is somehow different from the authoritarian who has ruled over one of the most violent and repressive regimes on Earth,” he said.

“For the president to describe a leader who stands incredibly accused of starving his own people, violently executing his political opponents and murdering members of his own family as very open and very honorable is beyond comprehension,” Flake added.

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