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GOP Senator Gets Torched By The Internet After Blaming McCain’s Trumpcare Vote On Brain Tumor

GOP Senator Ron Johnson spoke out against Sen. John McCain’s vote against Trumpcare on Tuesday, saying that it was because of his brain tumor that he voted against it.

“We did get a call from Paul (Ryan) and he assured us that skinny repeal was not going to pass the House it would have to go to conference,” Johnson said during a Tuesday radio interview on AM560 “Chicago’s Morning Answer.”

“Again, I’m not gonna speak for John McCain — he has a brain tumor right now — that vote occurred at 1:30 in the morning, some of that might have factored in,” he went on.

Johnson was then asked if he actually thought McCain’s brain tumor was the cause for him voting no on Trumpcare.

“Again, I-I-I don’t know exactly what — we really thought — and again I don’t want speak for any senator,” he claimed. “I really thought John was going to vote yes to send that to conference at 10:30 at night. By about 1, 1:30, he voted no. So you have talk to John in terms what was on his mind.”

The internet was quick to respond to the senator’s ugly remarks.

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