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GOP Strategist Shreds Trump’s ‘Hypnotized Base’ For Buying His ‘Bullsh*t Tornado’ About Russia


GOP Strategist Shreds Trump’s ‘Hypnotized Base’ For Buying His ‘Bullsh*t Tornado’ About Russia

In a series of scorching tweets, Republican strategist Rick Wilson on Friday blasted the Trump administration over its inept handling of revelations about Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 meeting with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya and accused the President’s base of being “hypnotized’ for believing Trump’s latest “bullsh*t tornado” about the scandal.

Wilson, an experienced political consultant who has dealt with political crisis management throughout his career, explained in a recent tweet storm how the Trump White House is making every mistake imaginable in handling this latest scandal.

“These aren’t secret rules or esoteric practices,” he wrote. “Even if you’re a massive Trump fan, you can’t be comfortable with how utterly incompetent they are at this story. I know these are alien principles, but tell the truth, get it all out fast, credible spokesmen, take responsibility, turn off the fan.”

“When caught in a scandal, it’s best to get as much accurate information out to the public as possible,” Wilson wrote. Instead, he noted, the Trump administration has only been willing to release information when cornered on it, and by this point, the administration’s credibility on the scandal has been totally shot.

“Drip drip drip,” he wrote. “They don’t get it; the bullsh*t tornado ONLY works on their hypnotized base.”


Mr. Wison, I couldn’t agree more.

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