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GOP Strategist Calls Out Trump And His Republican Allies For Conducting A “Bloodless Coup” For Russia


GOP Strategist Calls Out Trump And His Republican Allies For Conducting A “Bloodless Coup” For Russia

Republican strategist Cheri Jacobus wrote an article in USA Today bashing Donald Trump and his GOP allies for conducting a “bloodless coup” on behalf of Russia.

The article comes after news broke out about Russian sanctions and GOP efforts to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. She said Americans should be terrified by this.

It was a piling of bad news to start the week. First, news broke out that deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe resigned after being put under pressure by the Trump administration, then Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee voted to release a memo that will undermine the special counsel, and finally, Trump announced that the administration would not enact sanctions against Russia approved overwhelmingly by Congress.

“The ease with which Putin is undertaking his bloodless coup rivals his invasion into Ukraine after a series of strategic maneuvers to disable any resistance,” Jacobus wrote, “including a cyber attack on Ukraine’s government, and installing his own loyalists on the inside long before that. Hindsight being 20/20, the signs have been there for months.”

Jacobus blasted Trump and his Republican enablers for seeming unconcerned that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and is likely to do the same thing in this year’s midterms.

“The Trump White House and congressional Republicans seem unconcerned,” Jacobus said, “or perhaps even copacetic with the intervention that will yield results in their favor.”

“Seemingly emboldened by the lack of any meaningful pushback, Trump has now reportedly been discussing having Mueller prosecuted as a means to end the investigation that has already ensnared several individuals who worked for Trump and likely many more to come — possibly including the president himself,” Jacobus added.

Jacobus went on to blame Donald Trump and the Republican Congress for not being concerned about the issue and undermining the FBI.

“Putin’s KGB-inspired maneuvering of the United States via Donald Trump and the Republican Congress has all the earmarks of a carefully planned, professionally executed war game in which Trump, congressional Republicans and some in right-wing media are his comrades,” she warned. “But it’s not a game. The United States is in trouble.”

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