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GOP Strategist Cut Off During Live Interview For Lying About Trump’s Charlottesville Response

Conservative commentator Amy Tarkanian, a fervent Donald Trump defender, appeared on MSNBC on Sunday and attempted to put a positive spin on the president’s comments after a woman was killed at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville in 2017. It didn’t go well.

Tarkanian had her argument shot down by an MSNBC host who pointed out she was on the ground covering the tragedy.

During a panel discussion on Trump’s racism, Tarkanian was asked, “Do you agree with Donald Trump when he said the KKK at Charlottesville who yelled ‘Jews will not replace us’ are very fine people and both sides are to blame?”

“He never said that,” Tarkanian shot back. “He said there were good people on both sides and he was referring to the Robert E. Lee statue and some people on one side who wanted to keep it for historical purposes and the other side who found it to be repulsive wanted it removed.”

“It had nothing to do with calling KKK members good, fine people,” she insisted.

Radford, who had been quiet as her panelists battled it out, jumped in to correct the record.

“Amy, I do have to interject, so we can keep our facts,” she explained. “As a reporter, who did cover Charlottesville, that was not only about that statue and people will admittedly tell you.”

“Okay, as well, he did not call KKK very fine people,” Tarkanian replied before she was the confronted about agreeing with Trump about an immigrant “invasion,” only to laugh when she was accused of racism and being admonished, “Don’t die on this hill.”

Watch the exchange in the clip below, via MSNBC:

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