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GOP War Against The FBI Takes Dangerous Turn As Republicans Move To Oust Deputy Director For Not Defending Trump

The Republican assault on the FBI is reaching boiling point as GOP lawmakers move to end the Russia probe and transform the U.S. top law enforcement agency into an extension of the Trump White House by firing those who refuse to side with the president.

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said on Friday that FBI Director Andrew McCabe will be forced out of his position as soon as next week, citing political bias against President Trump.

Gowdy argued that newly released FBI records reveal political bias against President Donald Trump — and in favor of Hillary Clinton — at the highest levels of the FBI.

“I’ll be a little bit surprised if he’s still an employee of the FBI this time next week,” Gowdy told Fox News of McCabe, adding that he would be “shocked” if McCabe testifies before the House next week.

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The Washington Post reported last week that Gowdy settled a $150,000 veteran discrimination and retaliation claim from a former aide, who was fired in 2015 from the House Benghazi committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya. The aide alleged that he was wrongfully terminated in part for his unwillingness to engage in what he believed was a partisan investigation into Hillary Clinton’s time as US secretary of state.

Attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of investigators have escalated sharply in recent weeks, culminating in a partisan haranguing of the FBI director last week over what Republicans call “political bias” by his predecessor, James Comey.

Conservative media has amplified the GOP calls for Mueller to be fired, with Fox News going wall-to-wall with demands that the probe be shut down.

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