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GOP Working On Bill To Take Away First Amendment Rights From College Students


GOP Working On Bill To Take Away First Amendment Rights From College Students

After a wave of college students around the country protested against their schools for booking far-right conservatives speakers that preach hate speech, Republicans announce bill that would punish students for resisting and exercising their free speech rights.

According to the Associated Press:

“University of Wisconsin students who disrupt speeches and demonstrations could be expelled and campuses would have to remain neutral on public issue under a bill Republican legislators are pushing this week….

“The bill is modeled after a proposal the conservative Arizona-based Goldwater Institute put together to address campus free speech problems; North Carolina lawmakers are also considering the legislation. The Wisconsin lawmakers sponsoring the bill said it represents Republicans’ promise “to protect the freedom of expression on college campuses.”

It’s hard to say that Republicans aren’t hypocrites for the fact that they had no problem with campus protests when a Democrat was in the White House.

Republicans have an agenda to stop whoever stands in Trump’s way. Earlier Thursday they voted against a bill that would require Trump to release his tax returns and visitor logs.

Now, Republicans are doing what they can to shut people up who are against that agenda.

But like PolitcusUSA reported:

“The will of the people can’t be legislated against, and eventually, the people will triumph.”

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