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Trump Worries Republican Electors May Go Wobbly On Him, Orders RNC To Keep Tabs On Them


Trump Worries Republican Electors May Go Wobbly On Him, Orders RNC To Keep Tabs On Them

As calls for electors to reject Donald Trump intensify nationwide, panic is taking hold of Trump tower, prompting the Republican National Committee to launch an operation designed to lock down Donald Trump’s Electoral College majority and ensure that the 306 Republican electors cast their votes for the president-elect, according to several news reports.

Politico reports that sources familiar with the effort said the committee have been in touch with most of the GOP electors multiple times, and has concluded that there’s a risk some electors may cast a vote against Trump on Dec. 19, when the Electoral College meets.

The RNC’s elector head count is standard practice in presidential election years. But this year, the sources emphasized, it also serves as an early-warning system for potentially wayward GOP electors amid an intense push by Democratic electors to convince 37 of their Republican counterparts to jump ship. The Democrats are hoping that dozens of GOP electors — many of whom were picked at local conventions and party meetings dominated by Trump’s opponents — are already primed to resist Trump, Politico writes.

State party leaders, the RNC sources said, are in frequent communication with electors through phone calls and letters. They have identified multiple points of contact for the GOP electors and also monitor their social media, all to guard against the prospect of electors voting for someone other than Trump.

If 37 Republican electors rejected him, Trump would fall below the 270-vote threshold necessary to become president, sending the election to the House of Representatives for a January vote.

Many electors have reported receiving thousands of emails a day from people attempting to convince them to reject Trump.

Chris Suprun of Texas has publicly revealed an intention to cast a vote for someone other than Trump.

Convincing anti-Trump Republicans to withstand pressure and remain on the Electoral College for the purpose of voting against Trump has proven difficult. Aside from Suprun, there are two additional Republican electors who have strongly suggested they wouldn’t vote for Trump. Art Sisneros of Texas and Baoky Vu of Georgia, are promising to resign instead of voting from Trump.

“Technically I am still the elector,” Sisneros said. “However, I will not be changing my mind.”

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