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Gov. Jerry Brown Crushes Donald Trump And His ‘Acolytes’, Sings Sweeping Legislation On Climate Change

After enacting a sweeping new climate change legislation, Gov. Jerry Brown called out GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and his “acolytes” who have doubts on the existence of climate change.

“This is a big day, but there are many struggles ahead. Make no mistakes about it, it’s not only Donald Trump that is trying to stop the effort to clean up the earth and combat climate change,” Gov. Brown said in a press conference during a news conference at the state Capitol on Friday.

Gov. Jerry Brown. Image: Provided.

Gov. Jerry Brown. Image: Provided.

“There a lot of Trump’s inspired acolytes who are fighting to keep the status quo. But bring it on, we’ll have more battles and more victories,” he added.

“This is a real commitment backed up by real power,” Brown said while flanked by legislative leaders from the state Senate and Assembly.

According to media reports, the two measures would require the state to “slash emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030, a stiffer target than the one currently on the books; create a new committee to oversee climate programs and require regulators to provide more detailed information on where progress is being made; and prod regulators to take stronger action to cut pollution from refineries and other facilities.”

Environmental advocates and clean energy companies have pushed the proposals as a major step forward for California, which has been touted as an international example for tackling global warming, reported LA Times.

Oil companies and some manufacturers fought the legislation, warning of higher costs and out-of-control regulators. They lost.

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