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Gov Shutdown Is A Giant Scheme By Trump To Defund Mueller Probe: Report


Gov Shutdown Is A Giant Scheme By Trump To Defund Mueller Probe: Report

The government shutdown is about to enter its 20th day and it doesn’t show signs of stopping. With Donald Trump unbudging over his border wall, the shutdown could be the longest one in history if it continues past Friday.

But is the shutdown really about the border wall? Or is it a scheme by Trump to try to interfere in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his campaign?

According to the Washington Post, it may just be a plan to defund the special counsel’s investigation.

According to the Post, if the shutdown continues past January 18, the federal court that contains Mueller’s grand jury won’t be able to afford to pay its workers and it may have to furlough jurors or have them go without pay.

Washington Post legal reporter Spencer Hsu tweeted Thursday that the District of Columbia’s US District Court said that “trials will continue as scheduled, and jurors and grand jurors will be asked to report as scheduled” — but “juror payments may be deferred until funding is restored.”

“At this point, I think everybody in the country is having sort of the same feeling,” MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said last Friday, “that the president fantasizing out loud today about a federal government shutdown that goes on for years, maybe that had a little something to do with his personal fantasy that that would end the federal law enforcement and counterintelligence investigations into him and his business and his campaign.”

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