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Lindsey Graham’s Anti-impeachment Resolution Fails To Get Unanimous GOP Support

Things are turning really gloomy for President Donald Trump after Sen. Lindsey Graham’s anti-impeachment resolution failed to get unanimous support from his own party.

The South Carolina Senator on Thursday tried to rally his party behind an anti-impeachment resolution that decries the process House Democrats have used so far to conduct inquiry hearings.

However, as noted by conservative David Frum, that resolution so far has failed to get support from the entire Senate GOP caucus, which shows that President Donald Trump may be in very deep trouble.

“This is really, really, really bad news for President Trump,” Frum writes on Twitter. “7 GOP senators and Joe Manchin declined to sign Graham’s resolution condemning the impeachment inquiry. Seriously, I don’t know what Graham was thinking. Never mind that he couldn’t get one Democrat; he couldn’t even get to 100 percent of Republicans.”

Frum then games out how this might play out in a final Senate trial in which Trump is not removed from office, but where several Republicans defect and vote to convict him.

“If Senate were to vote 54-46 for removal, then yes Trump stays on job — but wow will he be disgraced and damaged,” Frum writes. “And of course if the count is 54-46, goodbye to any hope of wrapping up the proceedings in an afternoon. Moreover, if reliable pro-Trump caucus has *already* shriveled to 46… and if that 46 includes senators like Burr, Sasse, Toomey whom Trump cannot count upon in a clinch — then things really look dark for Trump.”

You can read David Frum’s entire commentary here.

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