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‘Great Job Mr President!’ Trump Goes On A Self-Gloating Rant As He Attacks The Media For Posting His Bad Poll Numbers


Donald Trump lashed out at the media on Tuesday for posting his horrible polling numbers and then referred to himself as “Mr. President.”

“It is amazing that I can be at 51% with Zogby when the Fake & Corrupt News is almost 100% against me,” Trump tweeted. “Great job Mr. President!”

Trump has been posting poll numbers from Zogby a lot lately as it is the only one that has him with positive approval ratings. But according to election prognosticator Nate Silver, Zogby is the “worst pollster in the world.”

Not only that, but the average approval rating for Trump among all polls is 43.2%.

Trump can continue to say that those numbers are “fake news,” but the facts don’t lie. Trump is a failure of a president and he can’t seem to accept that.

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