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Hannity Caught Red-Handed In The Middle Of A Coverup

Sean Hannity will do anything Donald Trump says. If Trump says jump, Hannity says “how high?” So it’s no surprise to see that the Fox News host has turned on his former attorney Michael Cohen after the lawyer turned on Trump and cooperated with prosecutors in the ongoing investigation into Russia collusion.\

Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison on Wednesday for his work on an illegal scheme to influence the 2016 election by paying out hush-money to Trump’s former lovers.

According to the Daily Dot, Hannity has been busted deleting his tweets about Cohen.

The Daily Dot says Hannity “appears to have deleted numerous tweets related to President Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen just hours before the lawyer was sentenced.”

Hannity has deleted over 280 tweets, including one that showed his denial that he was ever a client of Cohen, which came after his ties to the attorney were publicized in April.

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