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Hannity To Trump: ‘Don’t Let Press In The White House, Stick To Twitter’


Hannity To Trump: ‘Don’t Let Press In The White House, Stick To Twitter’

Over the years, we’ve heard some outrageous remarks from Fox News commentator Sean Hannity, but his most recent attempt to protect Donald Trump from public scrutiny is beyond the pale.

During his show on Tuesday, the right-wing host said that social media allows Trump to circumvent the press and came up with a new idea for the President-elect: Deny outlets traditional access to the White House and stick to Twitter.

“Maybe it’s time to change the traditional relationship the press will have with the White House,” Hannity said. “In this day and age of Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, does Trump really need to be granting access to biased journalists that openly oppose him?”

Hannity cited a video Trump released detailing steps Trump plans to take in his first 100 days.

“Trump can do this and speak directly to you, the American people, without having his words twisted and taken out of context,” Hannity said. “Why not do that?”

Trump has garnered criticism from many journalists for traveling without the White House press pool, a network of reporters and news outlets that follow the president at all times to keep tabs on his actions and whereabouts. But this kind of coverage is not acceptable for the Fox News host who wants to keep the press away from Trump.

Hannity, however, was happy to see every media outlets aggressively cover concerns about Hillary Clinton’s actions during her tenure as secretary of state, including her use of a private email server and allegations that her foundation was a conduit for donors to attempt to gain access to her at the State Department.

Still, he alleged a cozy relationship between certain media outlets — whom Hannity did not name — and the Clinton campaign.

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