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Hannity Just Went Batsh*t Crazy And Attacked The New York Times

Fox News host Sean Hannity sent a very daring message to the New York Times, calling them “fake news” for writing an article that detailed his relationship with Donald Trump.

In the report it states that Hannity, who defends Trump on whatever he does, is also a private council to the president.

The Times reported that Hannity encourages Trump fulfill his campaign promises of repealing Obamacare and building the border wall.

After the article was published, Hannity slammed the Times in a Twitter rant.

Hannity received a response to his Twitter rampage by one of the authors of the piece, reporter Maggie Haberman. She said that she did not understand why he reacted that way.

But Hannity kept insisting that the Times was reporting “fake news.”

But again he got shut down by another Time’s reporter. This time is was Glenn Thrush who responded to his tweets.

Haberman and Thrush both had an exclusive interview with Donald Trump earlier this month in the Oval Office.

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