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Hannity Rages Against Fox News, Threatens To Leave Network For Not Being Loyal To Trump

Fox News host Sean Hannity, who has been one of Donald Trump’s most loyal pawns on the network, is reportedly growing tired of the network’s lack of loyalty to the president.

According to Vanity Fair, Hannity has told friends that he plans to leave the network after his current contract expires in 2021.

Vanity Fair spoke to sources close to Hannity that claim that the Trump-supporting host is angry at the Murdochs, the powerful conservative family that owns the network, believing they are insufficiently loyal to Trump and secretly out to get him.

“Sean doesn’t feel supported,” one Fox News staffer said. “He has no relationship with Lachlan [Murdoch]. Sean thinks: ‘Wait a second, I was hired to get ratings and I get ratings, but now people are embarrassed about me?’ He feels Fox spends a lot of time supporting Shepard Smith but his show makes no money. That’s annoying to him.”

Another source claimed that Hannity even “told Trump last year that the Murdochs hate Trump, and Hannity is the only one holding Fox together.”

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