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Sean Hannity’s Name Just Popped Up In The Trump-Giuliani-Ukraine Scandal

As the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal moves through Congress, investigators and the press have been intrigued by the involvement of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who had been running a shadow foreign policy scheme to illegally boost his client’s reelection chances. But there’s another character that keeps popping up in Trump’s scandals: Fox News host Sean Hannity.

Giuliani this week inadvertently tweeted a confession when he defended himself by saying that “everything he did in Ukraine was for Trump.”

But as Rudy and his Russian-born associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, continue to scramble to tie themselves to Trump on the legal front, new details are surfacing about what they were up to before Lev and Igor got arrested. Not only were they conspiring with disgraced former Ukraine official Viktor Shokin to try to invent phony scandals about Joe Biden, but they were also preparing to put Shokin on the air to do an interview – with Sean Hannity. In fact, according to CNN, the interview was scheduled to take place in Vienna, the day after Lev and Igor were arrested.

To be clear, it’s not illegal to interview someone, even if you know they’re a criminal. we are not claiming that Hannity is implicated in the criminal plot. But from a scandal standpoint, if not a legal standpoint, it does raise questions about just how much Hannity knew about what was going on. It also raises questions about how much Hannity might be legally required to testify about at the Parnas-Fruman trial, as Hannity may be a key witness.

While Hannity can claim journalistic protections to stay out of legal trouble, it’s fascinating his name keeps popping up in Donald Trump’s scandals.

Shortly before election day in 2016, Rudy Giuliani bragged on Sean Hannity’s show that he knew an FBI surprise was coming about Hillary Clinton – and it did. Now he’s deeply involved in Donald Trump’s attempt at rigging the 2020 election and somehow Hannity’s name comes up again.

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