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Hate Crimes Under Trump Reach Highest Level In Nearly Two Decades: Report


The United States is experiencing a hate crime epidemic and Donald Trump is to blame for it.

According to a new annual report by the FBI, hates crimes under Trump have been at its highest in nearly two decades. The report shows that 2018 marked the worst year for hate-fueled violence in 16 years.

According to Axios, since 2017, aggravated assaults increased 4 percent, simple assaults increased 15 percent, and intimidation increased 13 percent.

But that’s not all. Attacks against Hispanics rose nearly 13 percent, attacks against transgender people rose 34 percent, and attacks against people with disabilities rose 37 percent.

Those are huge numbers that should not be brushed off.

Trump has sparked an era of hate and racism. He provokes it with every racist and hateful word that comes out of his mouth. It’s not an opinion at this point, the numbers prove it.

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