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‘He Has Eaten Your Soul’: Conservative Columnist Bashes Lindsey Graham For Kneeling To Trump


‘He Has Eaten Your Soul’: Conservative Columnist Bashes Lindsey Graham For Kneeling To Trump

Conservative Washington Post journalist Max Boot, who has been highly critical of Donald Trump and even called him the worst thing to have happened to the Republican Party, blasted Trump-defender Lindsey Graham using his own words against him.

Boot cited Graham’s handling of Attorney General William Barr’s testimony as an example of a veteran Republican who went from being Trump critic to Trump sycophant.

According to Boot, Graham went out of his way to “spout pro-Trump conspiracy theories from his perch as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and berate FBI agents for expressing opposition to Trump in 2016 —while conveniently forgetting that he himself called Trump a ‘kook,’ a ‘bigot,’ ‘crazy’ and ‘unfit for office.’”

But Boot notes that Graham isn’t the only Republican who changed their mind about Trump. “A similar metamorphosis has occurred not only among other conservative politicians but also, conservative commentators,” Boot explains. “National Review, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, RedState founder Erick Erickson, New Criterion Editor Roger Kimball and too many others to cite have all gone from opposing to supporting Trump.”

Boot also noted a May 1 New York Times op-ed by former FBI Director James Comey, where it states that Trumpism has a way of separating principled conservatives from unprincipled conservatives—and he cites former Defense Secretary James Mattis as one of the principled ones who wasn’t afraid to stand up to Trump.

“The fear of economic extinction is a powerful inducement to see Trump in the best possible light, to focus on things you like—tax cuts, judges, Israel—while ignoring or excusing things that are hard to defend, like blatant xenophobia, attacks on the media as the ‘enemy of the people,’ demands to lock up the opposition, declarations of ‘love’ for Kim Jong Un, etc…. Eventually, you end up excusing the most blatant assault on the rule of law since Watergate and saying that Trump is the best president ever.”

Boot ends his column by quoting Comey again and stressing that after a conservative has succumbed to Trump’s influence, “you are lost. He has eaten your soul.”

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