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Heartless Trump Supporters Just Bashed Shep Smith For Reporting Death Of Migrant Dad And Daughter

Fox News host Shepard Smith received a pool of insults from supporters of Donald Trump on Wednesday after he shared the heartbreaking photo of a migrant dad and his two-year-old daughter dead at the Rio Grande after they were denied entrance to the U.S. when seeking asylum.

“This photo is deeply disturbing,” Smith warned viewers before showing the photo of a drowned father and his daughter on the banks of the Rio Grande.

“Of course, it is legal to present yourself for asylum in the United States,” the Fox News host continued. “Legal under American and legal under international law.”

According to Smith, current Trump administration policies “are forcing some who are desperate back home to take the chance at crossing the river.”

“The administration has separated children from their families and slowed the ability of migrants to apply for asylum,” he noted. “They could allow people seeking asylum to present themselves as they have forever in America.”

But Trump supporters didn’t seem to care at all about the deaths of the migrants. Instead, they attacked Smith and claimed that Trump was the victim in this.

It is absolutely disturbing how these people think.

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