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‘Help me, Please. My Son Is Dying’: Mother Pleads For Help In Harrowing Video From Mexican Detention Center

Harrowing footage showing a migrant mother begging for help for her sick child has emerged online. She lies in the dirt on the ground as she cries for help for her “dying son” through a gap beneath a fence.

In the disturbing video, which was released by Mexican news outlet El Univeral, the The unnamed woman implores bystanders in Spanish to help her and her son, saying they have suffered without food or drinkable water at Feria Mesoamericana center in Tapachula, where they have been for 10 days.

“They haven’t given us a bit of food. There is no drinkable water,” she reportedly begged in Spanish.

“Help me, help me with my son. He is sick. My son is dying.”

Speaking in Spanish, the mother reaches her hand out towards reporters on the other side of the fence as she pleads for “justice”.

The release of the video, which has not been independently verified, follows a global reaction to an image of a father and young daughter who drowned seeking asylum in the US.

Mexico’s immigration centers are becoming increasingly squalid and overcrowded as authorities step up the detention of migrants headed for the United States.

Inmates are languishing for weeks amid medical neglect, according to detainees, lawyers and rights groups.

Reuters spoke to more than a dozen recent detainees at the Siglo XXI detention center, the country’s largest.

They described being held in the facility in Chiapas state on Mexico’s southern border for long periods without information about their cases.

Watch the video below. WARNING: This video may be upsetting for some viewers.

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