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Here Are Sean Spicer’s Most Ridiculous Moments In His Short-Lived WH Career

Sean Spicer had a short-lived White House career as press secretary. Donald Trump did mention his displease with Spicer throughout his time at the White House. On Thursday, Spicer decided to call it quits and resign from his post.

Thanks to the people at, here are Spicer’s most ridiculous moments while being at the White House.

1. That time we learned Sean Spicer chews and swallows 35 pieces of gum every day before noon.

In a bizarre profile by Ben Terris with The Washington Post, the world learns that the spicy Spicer loves his cinnamon Orbit gum so much he swallows it like a meal.

“Two and a half packs by noon,” Spicer explained. “I talked to my doctor about it, he said it’s no problem.”

His revelation spread so far that it prompted a national health conversation about what swallowing gum does to your stomach and intestine and worse what swallowing that many pieces of gum could do.

2. Remember when Spicer probably tweeted his own password?

Somehow, he’s managed to do accidental pocket tweets, but the real genius came when he tweeted his own password that tech sites surmised the tweet was probably an automatically generated password if the alteration between letters and number is any indication.

3. Spicer angered his boss by being parodied by a lady.

The president is so self-conscious he was embarrassed on behalf of Spicer for being portrayed on “Saturday Night Live” by a woman. Actress Melissa McCarthy garnered acclaim for her brilliant and hilarious depiction of the “alternative facts” peddling aide. While many liberals will be happy to see Spicer go, many will miss Melissa McCarthy’s occasional appearances on the weekly show.

“Trump doesn’t like his people to look weak,” a Trump donor explained. If that was the kiss of death, perhaps McCarthy can be Steve Bannon next.

4. That time Spicer got smacked down by former CIA agent Phil Mudd:

“Sean Spicer knows as much about intelligence as I know about ballet,” Mudd told CNN in April. The comment came after Trump made the false accusation that former President Barack Obama wiretapped him in Trump Tower. Spicer joined the Trump team in diligently working to justify Trump’s claim, which prompted a national conversation about “unmasking” the American that was recorded during surveillance of Russians in the U.S. Former national security advisor Susan Rice ordering the “unmasking” was part of her daily responsibilities in her position and the intelligence community resoundingly mocked Trump and his aides for trying to make it sound like a sinister operation.

5. At one point, reporters just started openly messing with Spicer.

During a hilarious commentary on Trumpcare, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers took shots at Spicer for a press briefing in which Spicer and budget director Mick Mulvaney addressed a border fence being erected thanks to Trump. The problem is that the fence pictured was a construction fence used while replacing existing sections of the fence paid for by budgets passed during the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Spicer referred to the large fence as a “bollard wall.” Reporters refused to agree it wasn’t a fence, despite his best efforts.

6. He and the White House keeps forgetting the Holocaust.

January brought with it a series of strange press briefings as Spicer struggled to gain his footing in the new position. The lion’s den of reporters pounced on Spicer’s declaration that it was “pathetic” to criticize him and the White House for not mentioning Jews or antisemitism in a statement commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

7. It’s not a ban. “He’s using the words the media was using.”

Trump promised to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States while campaigning in 2016. Once he took office, however, his administration struggled to justify how this “Muslim ban” could be crafted so that it is anything but. The first time around the executive order was trounced by the courts. Spicer worked hard behind his podium to spin his boss’s statements calling the “ban” a ban while simultaneously arguing that it wasn’t actually a ban.

“You’re saying it’s not a ban,” NBC’s Kristen Welker began. “This was President Trump’s tweet yesterday: ‘If the ban were announced with a one-week notice, the ‘bad’ would rush into our country during that week.’ So he says it’s a ban.”

“He’s using the words that the media is using,” Spicer tried to explain. “But at the end of the day, it can’t –”

The press replied that those were Trump’s words in black and white.

“It can’t be a ban if you’re letting a million people in,” Spicer said. “If 325,000 people from another country can’t come in, that is by nature not a ban — it is extreme vetting.”

“I understand your point. But the President himself called it a ban,” she replied. “Is he confused or are you confused?”

“No, I’m not confused. I think that the words that are being used to describe it are derived from what the media is calling this. He has been very clear that it is extreme vetting,” Spicer continued getting increasingly exacerbated.


We end where we began. Spicer’s first press conference was forced by the president when he was glued to his TV as channels reported the significantly smaller crowd size at Trump’s inauguration than Obama’s. Spicer showed photos and cited numbers and excuses that were later proved to be false. He refused to take any questions.

“The largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period! Both in person and around the globe,” he shouted at the reporters before exiting the press room.

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