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The Worst 100 Days In United States History Are About To Start


The Worst 100 Days In United States History Are About To Start

The Worst 100 Days In United States History Are About To Start

Elections have consequences. And the consequences of this election will be big. Just to give you a glimpse into what the first 100 days of Trumps presidency may look like, below are some of the headlines you could see next year:

“Undocumented workers hide as threats of mass deportation spread across the country.”

“World financial system collapses after U.S. threatens to leave NATO.”

“Millions of people lose health insurance.”

“Deficits rise, forcing cuts to programs for the poor and middle class.”

“Conservatives regain a majority in the Supreme Court.”

Donald Trump did not run a substantive campaign. His erratic and bombastic approach to pretty much everything created the impression that he didn’t have ideas about what he wanted to do ― and that he’d act unpredictably.

Trump may have presented himself as a threat to the establishment and champion of the little guy, but when it comes to economic policy he’s actually a very ordinary Republican who believes in policies that are very good for businesses and the wealthy, and not so good for everybody else.

Both Trump and Republicans have embraced radical agendas for governing. They might end up realizing only a portion of them. But that would still add up to a tectonic shift in policy that will send our country back in time.

Trump and his Republican allies have called to reduce or eliminate the estate tax, to lower income tax rates, and to give new breaks to corporations. Analyses of these tax plans by independent organizations, such as the Brookings-Urban Tax Policy Center, show that benefits flow disproportionately to the wealthy.

And on those issues where Trump couldn’t bend Congress to his will, he won’t hesitate to use his executive authority to get his way.

Even if Trump doesn’t follow through on all of his campaign promises, it’s likely he will peel back Obama’s new regulations on everything from power plant emissions to banking activities, while failing to enforce the regulations that stay on the books. And, of course, he will increase deportations of undocumented residents already here ― and scale back temporary protections that Obama afforded them.

In her concession speech this morning, Hillary Clinton told a stunned nation the following: “Last night, I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country… I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans.”

“We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead,” she added.

Many of Clinton’s most fervent supporters were rightly taken aback. After all, these words came from someone who only days earlier was denouncing Trump as a violent misogynist, a racist and Islamophobe, and a would-be dictator unfit to lead, too emotionally unstable to trusted with the country’s nuclear codes.

Those who had seen in Clinton a the last line of defense against the aggressive right were now witnessing her rebrand him as somehow worthy of the presidency.

Not so fast. We don’t owe this man anything, except our resistance. This is no time for unity — Trump must be confronted with relentless protest to avert what could be the worst 4 years in American history.

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