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POLL: How Do You Grade Donald Trump’s First Overseas Trip?

As the overseas debut of Donald Trump comes to a close, his most memorable moments are as embarrassing as you can expect from the erratic president.

Trump’s performance included the usual bluster and bravado that has earned him the title of ‘bully-in-chief.’

His white-knuckled handshake with France’s new president made headlines. The speech to NATO was memorable, as was his brusque, push-aside of the leader of Montenegro to make his way to the front of a pack of world leaders.

In short, it was the classic, unadulterated Trump, a man the country has come to know for all of the above quirks, mannerisms, and machismo.

But this trip was especially telling about Melania Trump, a first lady about whom the country is still learning, four months into her husband’s administration and how she interacts with her husband.

For a woman of, so far, few words, it’s been the non-verbal clues that have shed the most insight.

In one memorable moment, she slapped away the President’s hand on the tarmac in Israel. The move, which quickly went viral did, however, provide a bit of insight into the kind of person she is, especially with her husband of 12 years.

“On that red carpet (on the tarmac), there were four people expected to be on that space, the Trumps and the Netanyahus,” says Anita McBride, who served as chief of staff to first lady Laura Bush in the White House. “Trump went out ahead of her and it crowded her ability to walk with him and the Netanyahus equally. So he sort of pushed her off, and then realized what he’d done. She didn’t appreciate it, and she made it known.”

For all those reasons and others not mentioned above, we’ve graded Trump’s first trip overseas a big ‘F’ for FAILURE.

How would you grade him? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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