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Here’s Why Clinton Should Accept Donald Trump’s Drug Test Challenge


Here’s Why Clinton Should Accept Donald Trump’s Drug Test Challenge

During the first presidential debate on September 26, Donald Trump was sniffling quite a bit, and those sniffles continued during the second debate. In fact, the sniffling was even worse than in the first debate which is pretty odd since Donald has suggested that Hillary Clinton is sick. Both times, the Twittersphere took notice. While some are wondering if Trump is suffering from some illness, others were suggesting cocaine jokes.

But instead of denying the ‘cocaine rumor’, the Donald used it to attack Hillary Clinton. On Saturday, Trump said he and Hillary Clinton should both take drug tests before the next presidential debate, suggesting without evidence that Clinton was under the influence of drugs during the last debate.

Ironically, his statement comes just weeks after many viewers questioned Trump’s frequent sniffling during the first and second debates. Those viewers included former presidential hopeful Howard Dean, who issued a tweet questioning if Trump had used cocaine. Trump’s supporters —understanably— complained that this was a baseless accusation.

But now, the Republican presidential nominee himself has chosen to put the “Who acts like they are on drugs” issue in play.

“I’m willing to do it,” he said of mandatory pre-debate drug testing. Well, I think Clinton should take him up on the offer.

I am not implying Trump has a drug problem. But, as Trump notes, the only way to tell for sure is if the candidates take drug tests.

Maybe we’ll learn something new. What do you think?

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